Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What drives me to write books with sensitive subjects?

I've been writing novels since 2007. I started writing because I was bored and thought my brain needed a bit of a challenge in order to keep it sharp. I’d always loved dreaming up stories, but they were always just for me. I never thought I could write an actual book, nor did I ever think I had anything that anyone else would find interesting to read. But one day, after making another quilt, I decided to sit down and write a story. I loved paranormal romance, but there were already tons of vampire books out, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to write about them, but I loved the supernatural. I loved shows like Heroes and Charmed, so I thought I’d give my story a different supernatural theme, and incorporate both magic and supernatural abilities. Hence, we have Whisper Cape.

But aside from that, the main reason for this post is to explain my books and why I write them. I am a highly sensitive person and very sympathetic to others’ problems. I cry at movies and a lot of books make me cry, even with the happy-ending. I cried at several of my own book’s ending. I love to pour myself into my characters as if they were me. The more heartbreaking their situation, the better as far as their story line goes. I had a somewhat rough childhood, though I’m sure my family would disagree, thinking everything was always fine with me. But inside I was hurting. I was very shy and bullied somewhat in elementary school. Though I hid it well, my parent’s divorce was devastating, not necessarily their spit, but how they handled things afterwards. Always arguing over whom we (my brother and I) should live with. There was actually a time when I had each of my parents pulling on my arms. If my aunt hadn’t made them stop they might have torn me in half. Anyway, I digress. I’m here to talk about my books. I pour myself into each one as if I were the character, whether it be the male or the female protagonist, in their moment, I am them. So, each one of my books contains some sort of heartrending situation and a bit of me. Some more than others.

I like to touch on the human emotions and I always want my readers to feel what my characters are experiencing. With Whisper Cape, it was Addison and how she had a difficult time coping with her father’s death. In all three books, she’s had to deal with the tragedy of his death always in the back of her mind and it had a massive impact on the way she handled things. With Allusive Aftershock, Adela and Courtland were constantly dealing with death and destruction. There are a couple of scene in that book that made me cry while I wrote them. The Beaumont Brothers series touch on some very sensitive subjects like domestic violence and sexual assault, though both books are love stories, I still had to pull in some major emotions and the characters needed to get through the tough times before their hearts could heal. A Gypsy’s Kiss has it’s moments as well, though I’m not sure I can go into them without giving spoilers away.

A Gypsy’s Kiss comes out May 20th, 2015 and is available for pre-order.


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