Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 RONE Award Nominee and Release Day!!!

 is a 2015 RONE Award
Nominee for New Adult!

Voting is from May 11 - May 17, 2015

It's an honor just to be nominated, but to win, I'll need your help to get votes. 
Voting begins on May 11 and runs through May 17, 2015 and you must be logged on the 
Ind' site to vote. If you haven't already registered on their site, 
you can do that now and believe me, you won't be sorry. This is a great 
magazine that gives you monthly reviews and keeps you up to date with
all your favorite indie authors and cover models. 

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Here's a little about Beautifully Used
Contemporary Romance 18+ due to adult situations 

A Beaumont Brothers Series stand-alone book 2 

Suave, handsome Brodie Beaumont has a history of using and being used by women. A past he doesn’t like to talk about has turned him into the type of guy he is today, but he hasn’t really cared. Until the beautiful and feisty Gabrielle Demeres comes back into his life. 

Gabrielle learned the hard way what type of guy Brodie was the first time she met him. His crude seduction attempt earned him a slap to his face, and Gabrielle wasn’t exactly looking forward to another encounter with the cad. Unfortunately, her best friend was marrying Brodie’s brother, and Gabrielle and Brodie would be forced to spend time together whether she liked it or not. 

As things in the small, quiet town of Turtle Lake take a decidedly dark and dangerous turn, Gabrielle and Brodie only have each other to turn to. Will they be capable of overcoming their aversion to one another while coping with their own troubled pasts and dealing with the current dangers surrounding them? Or is their hostility just skating the fine line between love and hate?




I'm so excited about this book. I think it is by far the best book I've written, 
and it's on sale for today only.

You can grab your copy from you favorite retailer:

 Stop by and join the release day event on Facebook and enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

See you there! 



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