Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cover Reveal and Free Read

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For those of you who don’t know me, I write both Paranormal and Contemporary Romance. Mostly on the steamy side. Some of my books are more descriptive in that area than others, but they all contain sex. Except of course, my one and only YA novel, Allusive Aftershock. I had a hard time keeping the heat out of that one so I haven’t written another YA story since. But I’ll never say never.
Because I love those three young adults in that book.

I have a new release coming May 6th, 2016

*A new, sizzling addition to the exciting and tantalizing world of the Immortal Hearts of San Francisco series. *

*Each book in the Immortal Hearts of San Francisco series will follow a different couple.*

This one is Captivated by a Vampire

And if you’ve read Tempted by a Vampire, you will remember Chelle, the new vampire that Lane accidentally turned and felt responsible for. Well, she’s trying to find her place in the new and frightening world of the undead and the supernatural, and during her very first solo feed, she collides (literally) into Josh, the reporter. Oh my, do sparks fly!


She's a vampire. He's human and the best investigative reporter in the city. Their worlds mix as well as oil and water, but their attraction to each other is electric.

Josh Barrett knows his priorities—reporting the news as quickly and accurately as possible by day, drinking himself into a self-loathing stupor by night. His workaholic tendencies can’t completely mask the broken, depressed man he is inside. The horrific night that changed his life forever and left him broken-hearted and alone is forever fresh in his thoughts. But the torture is no less than he deserves. Until a beautiful, sexy, and utterly mysterious woman enters his life and changes everything. Chelle is absolutely enchanting, her allure captivating and the reporter in him is determined to learn all of her secrets.

Newly turned vampire Chelle Masterson only wants to find her place. Her unrequited love and devotion for her maker Lane has left Chelle broken, vowing to never fall for any man again. She’s determined to find her way in the scary new world of the immortals and begs for the chance to prove herself—to prove that she’s capable of surviving without the others. Unfortunately, she meets trouble head-on with her very first victim and ends up face to face with a very charming and handsome stranger. He seems to only want to help, but can she trust him?

As Josh slowly wins Chelle over, she decides to utilize his skills as a reporter to help uncover her past—a dark past that she cannot remember, but one she desperately needs to learn. Being around him is addicting, their connection undeniable, and she finds her will to keep him at arm’s-length dwindling.

The simple act of a Good Samaritan spirals into an obsession—much more than either of them thought possible. Their love becomes unfathomable, but it may not be enough to overcome the hurdles standing in their way…

*This read is recommended for ages 18+ due to mature content.

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March came and went so fast I hardly new what happened. I got the brace off my leg today, so it looks like it’s a go for Romantic Times in Vegas. Hope to see you there.

RT in Las Vegas 
April 11-17 at The Rio.
I'll be signing at the Giant Book Fair on April 16th.
Stop by for some bling and swag. I'll also have Tempted by a Vampire, A Gypsy's Kiss, and Beautifully Undone available for purchase and signing. I won’t have copies of Captivated by a Vampire yet, but I will have 5 x 8 size postcards of the cover for you that I can sign.
I'm in the Club RT on Thursday April 14 at 1:00 and 2:00 pm
Don't forget to visit the gift basket area. I'll have a gift basket with assorted Vampire swag from my Immortal Hearts of San Francisco, and I might throw in something from the Beaumont Brothers just for fun.

I have a free Novelette for you to download. If you haven't read it yet. I've just revised Rekindled Love.  
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